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Aw lol it's my mistake yes I did I'm back home in NZ now and thought you were my NZ massage people that I'm waiting to get in and see they are so busy ! 

Sorry I didn't read your email properly 

I have to tell you my massage I had with you people were amazing ! 

The day we got home I fell down our stairs and undid my neck arm massage so I'm waiting to go to place here 

I will be back in Perth in the summer so I'll visit again 

Kind regards 


Hi Ilan.

Many thanks for this.  Your work loosened things up quite a bit.  I still have some stiffness/inflexibility along with some very low grade pain, but I can now move and bend to properly stretch to help this.  I expect all will be back to normal in another day or two.  Will keep up with the stretching and exercises.

Cheers.  Derek

Morrison McQueen

11:00 PM on May 19,
 2012 by [email protected]

These guys are so helpful! I had an ongoing hip issue, private Pilates and heaps of physio helped, but it was Ilan who really got in there and helped me move pain free.

Satisfied Clients

To whom it may concern

 I wish to express my thanks to Ilan Rossanis for the care and treatment he carried out as part of the remedial massage therapy for pain in both my shoulders and back.


Ilan listened to my problems carefully, assessed the issues and spent sufficient time to understand my pain, when it occurred, what actions caused it and what limitations in my arm movements caused the pain.  He was asked to commence treatment slowly and to ensure my threshold points were not exceeded.


After only 2 sessions of 1 hour each I could feel the improvements immediately.  I was able to move more freely and my arm movements improved considerably.  I was able to return to swimming in the ocean with much less pain and easier arm movements.  Another 1 hour session had almost returned me to normal with minimal pain, which was a huge relief.  He worked together with my wellness chiropractor in unison and I could see the benefits of this dual treatment working day by day.


Would I recommend Ilan for further remedial massage to others, absolutely.  He listened, he cared, he worked with me and assisted in a return to a less painful state for both my back and arms.  I was and still am a very happy customer and I would recommend him to anyone suffering similar pain and constricted arm movements for remedial massage treatment.

 Gary Keenan


Good afternoon Ilan

 In regards to your deep tissue massage focussing on the shoulders and neck, I’d like to thank you as it was by far the most intense massages I’ve had. My pain has reduced and mobility increased.

I look forward to the next one.

Terry Nicolaou



Plantar fasciitis sufferers!

After suffering the frustration on plantar f. I ended up visiting Ilan for treatment. After confirming the correct diagnosis, Ilan commenced working my lower legs and talking me through a holistic approach to treating my injury. This included revisiting my footwear choice, utilising a roller to work on releases and stretching more. Combined with some decent anti-inflammatory assistance I managed to finally shake the condition. Ater only a few runs back, I am able to consistently  achieve average speeds in intervals sessions that I had not achieved for years. Thanks for your help mate!


Hi Connor

Having visited you on two occasions recently - one for a knee related sports injury - the other for a lower back gardening injury (causing the lower back muscles to be completely in spasm and locked) - you carefully checked for damage before   moving to a progressive massage treatment which was very effective at relaxing the deep muscles in the lower back area. On both occasions the massage treatment you gave was excellent, and I am now fully recovered and pain free.

Thanks for your superb work ...



Hi Ilan
Just wanted to say thanks to Annick. I'm quite an active person and my lower back suffers for it. I've seen Annick a few times now and she always manages to find and release knots I didn't realize I had, as well as free up my lower back. I always walk away feeling relaxed. Thanks Sue.
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